Faculty of social sciences
University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava

Council for the Quality

The Dean of FSS UCM appointed the Council for the Quality of FSS UCM, which is the Dean's permanent advisory body. The Council for the Quality  prepares, scrutinizes, evaluates and coordinates the creation, implementation and use of the internal quality system of education, coordinates the implementation, use, functionality and implementation of the quality management system resulting from the mission of the National Quality Program which supports the development of quality of work, services and promotion for sustainable quality of life and competitiveness in all areas of society in Slovakia.


Chairman of the Council:

doc. PhDr. Jaroslav Mihálik, PhD.


Members of the Council:

prof. PhDr. Jana Levická, PhD.

doc. PhDr. Andrea Čajková, PhD.

PhDr. Michal Lukáč, PhD.

PhDr. Michal Imrovič, PhD.

PhDr. Jakub Bardovič, PhD.

PhDr. Lukáš Cíbik, PhD.

Mgr. Marta Kuhnová, PhD.

PhDr. Martin Švikruha, PhD.

Ing. Mária Kucharovičová

Ing. Klaudia Čirčová