Faculty of social sciences
University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava


Accommodation for FSS students is provided at the UCM student dormitory and in four contractual facilities.

The UCM Student dormitory at Nam. Jozefa Herdu, 2 provides accommodation for full-time students, foreign students, students admitted by the university for mobility as well as for lecturers and guests. There are 223 beds in the student home, the monthly fee is 50 €. The rooms are three-bedded, two in the bunk, which has a bathroom including a shower and toilet. All rooms have structured wiring for the Internet access through the optical network. There is a kitchenette, washing machine and a lounge.

FSS UCM in Trnava provides accommodation for students of the full time form of study also in contractual facilities.


Contractual facilities:

Student dormitory (STU Bratislava) at Bottova Street, Trnava:

Students of UCM have 60 contractual places.

Accommodation fees are as follows:

• triple room in the block "A"  (old boarding house)    44.00 € per person a month

• double room in the block "A" ( old boarding house ) 47.00 € per person  a month

• in the block "B" ( new boarding house ) without a balcony 50,00 € per person a month

•  in the block "B" ( new boarding house ) with a balcony € 53.00 per person a month.

There is a study room, a kitchen, a washing machine. The rooms have internet access.


VÚJE at Sibírska street 1, Trnava:

The rooms are 2 and 3 bedded, two in the bunk with a bathroom. In the corridor there is a kitchenette and a lounge. The subject of the contract is 50 beds with a monthly payment of about 53 €.

Student dormitory of the Secondary School of Agriculture and Rural Services, Zavarská street  9, Trnava:

Rooms are 2 and 3 - bedded. The kitchen and bathroom facilities are in the corridor. The number of available places is 90 and the monthly payment is about 50 €. Contact person: Ms Oravcova, phone: 033 5555 122, 033 5555 115

How to get there (bus line No. 15, 16  from the Railway Station)


Contact: Mgr. Soňa Krahulcová, e-mail: sona.krahulcova@ucm.sk


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