Faculty of social sciences
University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava

Department of Social Services and Counselling


Department Profile

The Department of Social Services and Counseling focuses on acquiring theoretical knowledge in accordance with the latest strategies of social work as well as their practical use in order to improve the quality of social life of the population. It was founded in 2014, detached from the Department of Public Policy and Public Administration.

The aim of the department is to prepare professional staff for the profession by focusing on closer interaction with the client, acquiring knowledge and acquiring skills that entitle the graduate to practice the profession. The acquired knowledge is already verified during the study through interactive excursions and student internships.

At present, the Department offers two study programs within the bachelor degree program - Social Services and Counseling; Management of Social Services and a Master's Degree program - Social Services and Counseling. The department also offers a rigorous course in the study program Social Services and Counseling and Ph.D. Program in the Social Policy study program.